3 steps to disinfect your home

3 steps to disinfect your home

To carry out a process of disinfection of our houses, it is important to know certain tips that will give us a basis of what we really must do to eliminate the covid-19 coronavirus from our homes.
We have to know that while the virus exists, it is important to be careful and do what is necessary to avoid contagion, the risks exist but we have 3 steps that we can follow to do a cleaning correctly.
Although many still have a form of work from home, it is important that you know that there are still risks. Therefore, disinfecting your home is a priority task, and we will tell you why.

Why is it important to disinfect our house well?

Believe it or not, our home is also an environment that accumulates many bacteria, especially the surfaces of our home. Covid 19 is there, and we must not let its presence rest on our homes.
With our shoes we can bring the virus, our pets with their paws, grocery bags, home purchases, our own hands, our phone, and many other objects can keep the virus for a certain time and this can leave the door open to a contagion.

The simple task of going out to throw out the garbage can already make our clothes, shoes, hands loaded with viruses and bacteria that can make us sick, so it is important to follow a series of steps to disinfect our beloved home.

Taking care of your home, you can feel really safe and know that everyone you love will also be protected inside the house.

What steps should I follow to clean and disinfect the home?

 disinfect your home

The first thing you need to do is use a powerful disinfectant that is capable of eliminating coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria, we recommend the Extreme sanitizer, since it is perfect for use both on surfaces and for personal use.

It starts with the bathroom and kitchen faucets

The first step that we recommend is to start with the places we use the most at home. Prepare your disinfectant spray, your towels and other materials that you need to do a deep cleaning of these spaces.

Home Appliances

The second step is to dedicate yourself to cleaning the electronic devices that we also use very regularly. Phones, tablets, TVs, remote controls and all household appliances that are in the home. Remember that what you least imagine can harbor a large number of viruses and bacteria.

Knobs and switches

And finally, to disinfect your home, you should not forget the most important part, which are the doorknobs and switches. This step is essential, remember that it is what we touch the most when entering and leaving the house.

Apply these 3 steps to do a good disinfection and cleaning of your home, expand to other areas of your house and do not forget to wear gloves.

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