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Extreme Sanitizer® the best hand sanitizer in the world

One of the best scientists, researchers, doctor and surgeon, has created and designed one of the most effective formulas in the entire market, it is the Extreme Sanitizer®. A hand disinfectant or sanitizer with an extremely advanced formula that has managed to reduce the impact of this pandemic, thanks to the fact that it can eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria while killing covid-19 or coronavirus in just 15 seconds.

The Extreme Sanitizer® is special for everyday use

There are many doubts in people regarding which hand sanitizers to use, some of them cause allergies or are not suitable for children. However, our hand sanitizer is specially designed for frequent and daily use.

One of the greatest advantages of the Extreme Sanitizer® is the ability to be commonly used in schools, doctor’s offices, at home, in gyms, sports stadiums, shopping centers and many other places. Amazing, right? It is the most powerful hand sanitizer on the market and has the maximum disinfection technology, all this designed for our daily use and to avoid infections caused by viruses and bacteria such as CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19.

What makes the Extreme Sanitizer® such a powerful hand sanitizer?

Dr. Edgardo González tells us about this product that has managed to reduce the risks of contaminating us with the famous COVID-19 virus.

“The Extreme Sanitizer® has been specifically created as a strategic tool to contain, control and eradicate the PANDEMIC caused by CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19.”

The great work of this powerful hand sanitizer has changed the lives of millions of people and has managed to reduce the cases of COVID-19. You too can stay safe thanks to this amazing product!

What features does the Extreme Sanitizer® have?

After reading all of the above, we can’t resist knowing what makes this product special. The Extreme Sanitizer® meets certain characteristics, which are really impressive and we were very surprised, learn about them below.

● This product is Registered and approved by the FDA and US EPA.

● Kills 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi in 15 seconds, more often on contact, eliminating possible harmful germs.

● Harmful non-toxic and non-hazardous ingredients.

● Safe to use with children and pets.

● Not flammable.

● Biodegradable and ecological.

● Hypoallergenic and antiallergic.

● Long-lasting biocidal action (4 hours with a single application).

● Performs 20 times more than the competition.

● It is very gentle on the skin.

Were you surprised like us? Surely yes. This hand sanitizer really does what it promises and is approved by the FDA, it is non-toxic and it is safe for use in children and pets. Its daily use will change your life and keep you safe!

Create safe spaces using the Extreme Sanitizer®

Thanks to this incredible hand sanitizer, you have the maximum power in disinfection at your fingertips. Now you can really be safe and make all your spaces virus and bacteria free.

The Extreme Sanitizer® thanks to its presentation as an aerosol prevents cross contamination of germs. In addition, combining this powerful disinfection tool with other biosafety protocols such as: the use of masks, maintaining social distancing, among others, will contain, control and eradicate the covid-19 that has caused this pandemic.

What is the formula of the Extreme Sanitizer®?

Our work team is really curious and we love to provide you with all the information so that you also know what you are really using, that’s why we bring you the formula that has made this hand sanitizer a really powerful product that complies with everything. what it promises.

This product contains the Active Ingredient: Alkyl Bensyl Dimethylammonium Chloride (Quaternary Ammonium) 0.13%. And thanks to that it offers great benefits:

• Antiseptic

• Kill Covid-19 in 15 seconds.

• Kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses in 15 seconds, most often immediately upon contact, eliminating any harmful germs, especially in homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping centers, gyms and sports stadiums.

The Extreme Sanitizer is quaternary ammonium that acts by contact

This product lasts up to 4 hours after one application and after the third application lasts up to 24 hours and resists hand washing as it integrates into the skin without damaging the skin’s natural oils.

Is it really safe to use this hand sanitizer?

Our Extreme Sanitizer® Hand Sanitizer has been approved by the FDA and is also safe for children and pets.

The Extreme Sanitizer® has been developed especially with you in mind. This product is alcohol free.

There are thousands of products that also have the task of being “hand sanitizer”. However, many people cause allergies, dry hands, among other side effects. Thousands of these products have been removed by the FDA because they have been categorized as toxic Read more!

Where can I buy the Extreme Sanitizer®?

You can buy this hand sanitizer or disinfectant by clicking here! It’s time to eliminate viruses and bacteria from your life and stay safe wherever you are.

Acquire the ideal product to take care of you and everyone you love here.

How should I use this hand sanitizer?

After acquiring the Extreme Sanitizer® you need to know how to use it correctly, you would be surprised to know that many of us can do it incorrectly, that’s why we bring you this little guide.

1. You must apply the Spray on all hands and rub until it evaporates.

2. For non-porous objects and surfaces, spray evenly over surface and object and allow to dry until evaporated.

3. Use a cloth dampened with the product and reapply the product to erase marks and remove dust and particles.

4. Repetition increases the effect.

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