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There is a toxic chemical in some hand sanitizers

Due to the pandemic caused by covid-19, a wide range of products designed to disinfect hands has grown in recent months. After a review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many of these hand sanitizers have tested positive for a toxic chemical that is potentially fatal to our health.

The FDA added some commercially available hand sanitizers to their lists and has categorized them as “Potentially Deadly.” Did you know this news? It is surprising how we can use products without realizing the damage they can be causing us. Be careful with the hand sanitizers you use and check all its components before applying it to your hands.

The FDA tells us what is the toxic component included in certain hand sanitizers

Due to the great demand for hand disinfection products, it is normal to see new products appear on the market to meet this need. However… the FDA tells us that it has seen an increase in hand sanitizers labeled to contain ethanol, but which have tested positive for a toxic component known as methanol.

Ethanol is a chemical that we know best as: alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and grain alcohol. On the other hand, methanol is a component that can become toxic when absorbed through our skin (What happens when we apply these hand sanitizers).

But there is more! There is a second toxic chemical in some hand sanitizers

Yes, as you are reading it, it gets much worse… The FDA also managed to detect a second toxic chemical that is present in certain hand sanitizers….

It is nothing more and nothing less than: 1-propanol. This component can become very dangerous for people, since contact with the eyes or skin can cause severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, among other effects that are detrimental to our health … and it is being used in the creation of disinfectants hand.

Many hand sanitizers are still labeled to contain ethanol or as we better know it “Isopropyl Alcohol”. But they have ended up testing positive for contamination with 1-propanol, a component that can depress our central nervous system.

What to do with hand sanitizers that contain toxic components?

The main thing we need to do is check the list of products that the FDA added to the import alert in an effort to prevent those hand sanitizers from reaching the US.

Discover the best hand sanitizer and what is FDA approved

People who have used some of the products that were included in the list that contain toxic components should stop using them. In addition, the FDA recommends not to throw them away, but to dispose of them in a safer way through a hazardous waste container.

Experts recommend using hand sanitizers to avoid the increase in positive cases of CORONAVIRUS OR COVID-19, but we must also be careful with the products we purchase. Thanks to the mass production of hand sanitizers, products are emerging that contain toxic components or chemicals that can be harmful to our health.

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